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In Memorium

The Members of the Mount Vernon Police Association will always remember those that lost their life in the line of duty. We hope and we pray that this page never has to be updated or added to again.

Greater love hath no one than this: than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.
John 15:13

Inspector Frank Mascari

End of Watch: August 11, 1948

Inspector Mascari was shot and killed when he was mistaken for a suspect by one of his fellow detectives during a burglary stake-out.

Two detectives were hiding in the back of a laundry after receiving reports that it would be burglarized. Inspector Mascari was with the two but left at 2000 hours. At 2115 hours he returned to check on the officers and entered through a side door. As he did so, one of the officers, thinking Inspector Mascari was the burglar, opened fire with a riot gun. Inspector Mascari was struck by several slugs and succumbed to his wounds at Mount Vernon Hospital ten minutes later.

Police Officer Frank Bersito

End of Watch: April 1, 1974

Officer Frank Bersito was killed in an automobile accident while on duty. Officer Bersito had served with the agency for 18 years. He was survived by his wife, their two sons and one daughter.


Detective Bernard L. Christopher

End of Watch: June 24, 1974

Detective Bernard Christopher was shot and killed when he attempted to stop a robbery while off-duty.

Detective Christopher was at a local restaurant when a man armed with a 12-guage shotgun entered the location and announced a robbery. Detective Christopher drew his revolver and exchanged gunfire with the suspect. Detective Christopher was struck in the chest and killed.

The suspect was captured the next month in New York City after he was arrested there for an unrelated murder.

Detective Christopher had served with the Mount Vernon Police Department for ten years and was survived by his wife.

Detective Christopher Alexander Ridley

End of Watch: January 25, 2008

Detective Christopher Ridley was shot and killed after being mistaken for a suspect in White Plains, New York.

Detective Ridley was off duty when he observed a fight between two homeless men near the intersection of Court Street and Martine Avenue at approximately 5:00 pm. He exited his vehicle, notified a security guard within one of the Westchester County officer building and attempted to break up the fight, but was then violently attacked by the aggressor. During the struggle, Detective Ridley’s handgun fell to the ground and discharged, attracting the attention of two Westchester County police officers who were responding from the adjacent county building.

The two officers approached the scene as Detective Ridley picked up his weapon from the ground. Not realizing that Detective Ridley was a police officer, the two officers ordered him to drop his weapon and then fired when he did not immediately comply, fatally wounding him.

Detective Ridley is survived by his father and mother.