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Two Members catch murderer just moments after the crime was committed

Great job on catching a murderer, Jason Conley and Michael Gregorio!!!


Man killed in Mount Vernon was headed to ex-girlfriend's

MOUNT VERNON – A 26-year-old Bronx man was on his way to retrieve belongings from his ex-girlfriend's apartment when another man shot him dead Tuesday in the complex's parking lot, police said Wednesday.

Michael Anthony Santiago, 26, a Bronx father of two, was shot dead April 1, more
Michael Anthony Santiago was shot several times with a shotgun around 3:40 p.m. near 22 Sheridan Ave., Mount Vernon Police Commissioner Terrance Raynor said. The shooter was waiting for him, Raynor said.

Two police detectives, who were nearby because of school dismissal, heard the shots and arrested the shooter at the scene without incident, the commissioner said. Kamau Kiarie, 35, also of the Bronx, was charged with second-degree murder.

"This is the young man who we think committed this dastardly deed," Mayor Ernie Davis said at a news conference.

There was no relationship between Santiago and Kiarie or between Kiarie and Santiago's ex-girlfriend, police said, and the motive in the case remains under investigation.

Santiago had two young sons, Julian Ray Santiago, 7, and Michael Anthony Santiago Jr., 3, and was preparing to begin a new job at a Macy's branch, his family said Wednesday.
Jeanette Santiago, Michael Santiago's mother, said that he had broken up with the Mount Vernon woman around eight months ago and had recently been living with another woman in the Bronx. Jeanette Santiago said that she was sleeping off some jet lag at her daughter's apartment in Manhattan when another daughter told her that her son was dead.

She rushed to the scene, where witnesses saw her shouting, "My son! My son!" in grief.

"I couldn't grasp what was happening," Jeanette Santiago said. "He didn't deserve to die like that."

Raynor said that Detective Jason Conley and Officer Michael Gregorio, with a combined 19 years experience, heard the gunfire and "ran towards it." The officers, in plainclothes and an unmarked vehicle, then spotted Kiarie, drew their weapons, and ordered him to the ground.
"As the suspect observed the investigators pulling up in their vehicle, he immediately dropped to the ground and waited to be handcuffed," Raynor said.

Mount Vernon Police Department
Kamau Kiarie,35, has been charged with 2nd degree murder in the shooting of 26 year old Michael Santiago.
Though Raynor said that Kiarie appeared to have no relationship with either Michael Santiago or his ex-girlfriend, he was careful to emphasize that the shooting was not random.
"Mr. Santiago was targeted," Raynor said. "The suspect knew exactly who he was going for. There's no mad wild man just traversing the neighborhoods shooting."
Police are also analyzing video of the incident and investigating Kiarie's past. He has been convicted in the past for at least one sex crime, Raynor said, and had been arrested as recently as September 2013 on a menacing charge.

Raynor said that he could find no arrest record for Michael Santiago, and the victim's mother said that he was "never, ever a violent person." She spoke to him as recently as last weekend, when he borrowed money from her to buy clothes for his job interview with Macy's.

"Everything was fine," Jeanette Santiago said.
She said that her son "wanted to raise his family, get a job."
"It was very hard for him to get work," Jeanette Santiago said. "He was trying to better his life, just become a worker in society and raise his children."
Raynor declined to specify Michael Santiago's injuries, but Davis previously said that Kiarie shot him several times then walked up to him and shot him in the head.

On Sheridan Avenue Tuesday, witnesses said they heard one or two loud booms, followed by a pause, and then several more booms.

Michael Santiago had five siblings, said Jeanette Santiago, of Astoria. The family is now trying to eke together money to bury him, said his mother, who is too disabled to work. Michael Santiago's father is on his way to New York from Florida, where he lives, she said.

"They have to stop killing people for no reason," Jeanette Santiago said through tears.